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Deep Sky & Night Imaging Workshops Information

The workshops cover all types of night time imaging from simple DSLR and lens imaging to Deepsky imaging with a range of telescopes and cooled cameras. Working with lots manufactures I have access to the latest equipment and that means you get to know how it all fits together and can start capturing and processing your own amazing images in a short amount of time. The general layout for a Deepsky workshop is as follows. We start off with the types of nighttime imaging and equipment to achieve this. Different people like different objects in the night sky so from starting out imaging objects like the Milky Way to Star trails.

We then move on to imaging with telescopes on computer mounts and how to setup autoguiding with software like PHD. Imaging with deepsky cameras that are cooled.

How to setup capture software and the importance of calibration frames. Dark frames, Flat frames, Bias frames. The afternoon sessions work on processing the captured images and how to integrate calibration frames and your images in popular software. From simple free software like Deep Sky Stacker to Photoshop and Pixinsight. We also cover imaging with CMOS cameras, Mono cameras and filter wheels with a range of filters. Working with a range of companies I will have a range of equipment on the day for you look t and see how it works. Celestron, Starlight Xpress, Altair Astro, ZWO, Atik and Canon are to name a few.

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